TRUE Breathing™ 


A step-by-step program to learn the deep breathing from the soles of your feet, like a tree. 

Just by changing the way you breathe, you no longer feel exhausted or get tired easily during the day. Because this program is designed to bring back energy and vitality you've felt long time ago. You'll be a new version of YOU!

With your level of activity increases, your productivity naturally goes up. And as a by-product, you'll enjoy deep good sleep. 

Imagine what what changes would that bring in your life? Your family, friend, boss, coworkers would be surprised to see your energy coming back!

Would you like to make that happen for you?

You can change your breath from this moment. Your age doesn't matter. 

Join with me in exploring your potential physicality by doing easy, simple and quick breathing exercises for just 10 minutes a day.

You can do anywhere and anytime at your office or at home.

Believe in your intuition. You can revitalize your life with breathing!

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Hi, I’m Miyako Hazama, a Certified High Performance Coach and the founder of TRUE Breathing™.

In my 20s, I suffered allergic rhinitis. During the day, my job was to give support to senior coworkers as a young female staff. I could only get to my translating work after 5 pm. Working late at night, I felt frustrated. My nose was running, and my eyes itched. It was close to burnout causing loss of my sleep and constant fatigue. I wasn't sure I could go on like this facing the reality of the corporate business world.

Then I read a book written by Master Kozo Nishino about the unique breathing method he innovated called "Nishino Breathing Method." I was fascinated because it said that we can heal our body by simply changing the way we breathe. As I practiced the technique every day, I cured my allergy completely with no medicine. What’s more pleasing, the quality of my sleep improved dramatically without even expecting it! I found myself falling asleep within 10 minutes after going to bed.

I learned how to generate and amplify physical energy through the daily practice of breathing. While pursuing my career as a deputy general manager of procurement in a Japanese beverage company, I became a volunteer breathing coach and I've been teaching students for 30 years after my full-time job.  I'm 56-years-old now, but I feel like I’ve got more energy than in my 20s.

That’s why I feel so passionate about sharing the technique I’ve learned and developed to

  • maintain good sleep
  • overcome fatigue by generating energy consistently
  • stay young with joy

With your expanding energy, you can feel more passion and excitement in every layer of your daily activities.

Who is this for?

For busy, hardworking, motivated professionals (including stay-at-home wives and mothers) who want to:

  • improve your health and wellness in a natural way
  • add short and effective exercises in your daily menu 
  • feel young and energized and stay active to perform at a higher level in all areas of your life

Why we think its good for your body 

  1. Enhance blood circulation: send oxygen throughout 60 trillion cells

  2. Activate the parasympathetic nerve system: release tension

  3. Generate a flow of energy: boost metabolism

Here's what you'll get when you become a member:

Monthly Live Training with Miyako

Monthly 1 hour LIVE training with Miyako (including Q&A)

Weekly Teaching Contents

Receive weekly teaching content every Thursday

Facebook Private Group

Access to Facebook Private Group to learn and share the practical applications of TRUE Breathing and interact with Miyako and other members. 


"True Breathing 21-Day Challenge"   (Value: USD 50)

21 days "10 minutes a day" video training

You can practice anytime you wish!  

"“Prior to TRUE Breathing, I would get tired during the afternoon. However, after incorporating True Breathing, I can get a burst of energy in the afternoon: The exercises are simple but challenging. At first, I had a little bit of difficulty inhaling enough to get through the main, “Tree”, Exercise. But after a few days of trying, I am doing better and the exercise is easier. I am looking forward to continuing doing the breathing exercises and seeing the positive impact on my life. Watching the videos was easy! Miyako does a wonderful job explaining the exercises and doing them slowly enough for me to follow. If you want to improve your breathing and increase your energy, during the day, I would highly recommend True Breathing!”"

Mikki Waid
Certified High Performance Coach and President of Success Simplified

"It was an amazing experience working with Miyako! I practiced Tai-Chi and Hatha Yoga previously, and I’m very familiar with certain breathing techniques. But Miyako’s training did provide me with a fresh and in-depth view of various breathing exercises and how to integrate those in my day-to-day life rather than just in the studio. If you have fatigue issues at work, need to handle lots of stress or simply want to have better circulation in the cold seasons, I would definitely recommend you to learn from Miyako. Breathing sounds very simple to all of us, but I’m sure Miyako will show you something you never thought of about breathing which could bring significant impact to your life with a few simple practices."

Zeyu Zhang
Engagement Manager at AI Startup Company

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